About Us

VEGA & CAMJI S.A.I.C., founded in 1952, holds an important place in the mettallurgy industry, in the chemical treatment and refinery of precious metals. From the outset, the Company centered their activities on the integral processing of precious metals and the manufacture of products made from raw materials such as silver, gold, platinum, palladium and rhodium. The research and development of technologies in addtion to the know-how acquires throuugh international agreements for technical assistance have defined the pioneering, enterprising profile of VEGA & CAMJI within Latin America. Our product range includes electrical contacts, silver alloys for welding metallic salts, catalyzers and chemical products made from precious metals, platinum elements for laboratory use, thermocouples, wires and sheets made of silver, platinum, gold, etc. In all of these products, our Company holds an excellent position in both the local and international markets. Providing our customers with the quality, the technical and business support that have characterized our Company for over 60 years.


Our production line offers

  • Electrical Contacts
  • Silver Filler Metal por Brazine.
  • Precious Metal Salts.
  • Catalysts unsupported.
  • Catalysts supported on carriers as aluminia and others.
  • Platinum apparatus for laboratory use.
  • Thermocouples